“Thy can talk about fonts all day!”

Well, not only talking about them, but I also spend really long time drawing fonts. As a native speaker, I often collaborate with type designers and foundries on creating typefaces that need Vietnamese support under my own type design practice – Mai Type. As type design is still perceived as a "Western-centric" discipline, I hope to minimise the dissimilarity gap between markets in the future.
In my free days, I love spending time discussing type-related matters with Lưu Chữ, Counter Forms and Modern Type.



2021 to current
Eyja is a revival project from my Type@Cooper program in 2021. It is based on a serif typeface found in an 1852 edition of "Visit to Iceland and The Scandinavian North" by Ida Pfeiffer.
Released with
Counter Forms
Available in Regular

MT Mighty Mono

2019 to current
Mighty Mono is a low-contrast, geometric monospaced typeface. It is my interpretation with the letterforms that I have been familiar with since primary school in Vietnam, such as the ‘i’ with the little tail, or the single- storey ‘a’ and ‘g’.
Released with
Modern Type
Available in Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, and Bold

Untitled Display

2018 to current
Untitled Display is a reverse-contrast display sans inspired by the old hand-painted signages in Vietnam, which are well-known typography visual materials.
Released with