“Thy can talk about fonts all day!”

Well, not only talking about them, but I also spend really long time drawing font families. As a native speaker, I sometimes work with type designers and foundries on Vietnamese localisation projects. Some of my clients: Dinamo, Vincent Chan (Matter of Sorts), Modern Type, Wei Huang...
On weekends, I hang out with Lưu Chữ, my Vietnamese typography group. And occasionally I run my personal type design practice – Mai Type.
If you’d like to test out a typeface, feel free to shoot me a message.
Thy Ha - Type Design



2021 to current
In progress
Eyja is the first revival project I started during my Type@Cooper program in 2021. It is a serif typeface based on a typeface I found in an 1852 edition of "Visit to Iceland and The Scandinavian North" by the pioneering explorer Ida Pfeiffer.⁠

Mighty Mono

2019 to current
In progress
Mighty Mono is a low-contrast, geometric monospaced typeface. It is my interpretation with the letterforms that I have been familiar with since primary school in Vietnam, such as the ‘i’ with the little tail, or the single- storey ‘a’ and ‘g’.

Untitled Display

2018 to current
In progress
Untitled Display is a reverse-contrast display sans inspired by the old hand-painted signages in Vietnam, which are well-known typography visual materials.