A little bit about Thy

Pixels by day, vectors by night – that's the rhythm of my creative life.

Hey there! I'm Thy Hà, a digital design enthusiast. By day, I create websites that tell stories through pixels. When night falls, I dive into the world of fonts and typography.

Originally from Sài Gòn, Việt Nam, I now call Naarm (Melbourne), Australia home. As a UX/UI designer and Webflow developer, I love blending digital products with visual storytelling. My focus is on crafting visually pleasing and user-friendly websites, particularly for clients in the educational, cultural, non-profit, and e-commerce sectors.

At night, I'm an aspiring type designer, delving into the rich tapestry of type history and engineering. Through my practice, Mai Type, I craft Vietnamese-localised typefaces, bridging cultural gaps in the digital world. As type design remains Western-centric, I strive to close the dissimilarity gap between markets. Proudly, I'm also a part of Lưu Chữ and Counter Forms.

A/B Testing
Design Research
Problem Solving
Responsive Web Design
Type Design
UX/UI Design
User Research
Webflow Development
WordPress Development
Work Experiences
Jun 2022 - Present
UX/UI Designer, Webflow Specialist
Rock Agency
Melbourne, AUS

As a UX/UI and Webflow designer at Rock Agency, I specialise in crafting digital experiences and web interfaces that meet user preferences. My role involves creating sitemaps, user flows, and UX wireframes to deliver visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive designs. I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless implementation and technical feasibility. Furthermore, I lead the development and deployment of websites using Webflow, contributing to the success of projects at Rock Agency.

Jun 2021 - Jun 2022
UI & Digital Designer
Ecosa & Spacewhite
Melbourne, AUS

As a UI & Digital Designer at Ecosa & Spacewhite, I enhanced e-commerce conversion rates through A/B testing, leading to a new Spacewhite homepage that boosted revenue by 30%. I directed creative strategies for Ecosa campaigns, achieving the highest average order value in five years and a 560% increase in Sofa Bed sales. Conducting competitive analysis and collaborating with developers, I identified revenue opportunities and improved the online shopping experience while maintaining an in-house design system in a fast-paced Agile environment.

Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
Digital Designer
Yin Yam Online Asian Grocery
Melbourne, AUS
Other Experiences
Jul 2020 - Present
Content Coordinator & Type Designer
Lưu Chữ - Vietnamese Typography Collective

Lưu Chữ is an independent Vietnamese Typography Collective located in Hồ Chí Minh City. Our primary focus is on researching and documenting the rich history of Vietnamese graphic design. Through collaborative efforts, we compile extensive research to develop a digital archive showcasing book and object collections. Additionally, we work together to curate, manage, and publish content across our website and various social media platforms.

May 2022 - Feb 2023
Web Designer & Developer
Vietnamese Museum Australia
Melbourne, AUS

At Vietnamese Museum Australia, the pioneer institution in Australia preserving the Vietnamese refugee settlement narrative, I collaborated with The Trusted Voice and an internal designer to overhaul the website. Transitioning from Wix to the versatile WordPress platform and harnessing Elementor's web building capabilities alongside advanced custom fields, we revitalised the website with a contemporary appearance. The revamped site now showcases diverse content formats encompassing news, stories, and events, enhancing its user appeal and functionality.

April 2024
Type, Tradition, and Transformation: Unfolding the Narrative of Vietnamese Typography
ATypI Brisbane 2024

Representing Lưu Chữ, my Vietnamese Typography Collective, I shared our journey preserving Vietnamese Typography's cultural essence amid modernisation and our research on its documented evolution. We delved into hand-drawn relics from street signs and showcased the diverse diacritic treatments in the Vietnamese typographic scene, from DIY approaches to widely-used fonts like Cooper Black by the VNI company. Through our online archive and documentation efforts, we merged tradition with modernity. This marked our debut at a typography conference, where we introduced Vietnamese typography to a broader audience and connected with fellow non-native type designers.

April 2024
My journey in type
Tāmaki Type Club
Oct 2023
Fall Speaker Series: Counter Forms
RISD's Graphic Design
May 2023
Counter Forms Launch Panel
Melbourne Art Book Fair 2023

Event description: "In recent years a cohort of diverse, progressive and culturally-aware practitioners in the highly specialised field of type design has emerged from Australia and New Zealand. Counter Forms is a website and publication that provide a platform for contemporary Antipodean type designers to present their work, research, philosophies and opinions through the lens of the key Design week themes: Transparency, Currency, Legacy."

I was honoured to be part of the launch panel convened by Dominic Hofstede and Vincent Chan. There, I had the opportunity to learn about the incredible practices of Vincent and Wei, talk about my collective with talented friends at Lưu Chữ, and share my love for typography with the crowd at Melbourne Art Book Fair.

April 2022
Globetrotting with Type
RMIT MC250 Mesoscale Discussions Series
Disegno Journal #37
Amalgam 4
Further Reading Zine Series: The Southeast Asian Types No.1
Type@Cooper Extended Program
Typeface Design

I've long dreamed of studying type design, and thanks to the Malee Scholarship, I had the opportunity to enrol in Type@Cooper online. During my time there, I delved deep into the rich history of type and even crafted my very first revival typeface - Eyja. Despite facing challenges such as time differences and busy schedules, I regretfully had to drop out after the first semester. However, the invaluable knowledge and strong foundations I acquired from both the instructors and my peers have inspired me to continue refining and expanding Eyja in my own time.

2018 – 2019
RMIT University
Master of Communication Design
Melbourne, AUS

My master’s research project, titled 'Up? Down? Left? Right?,' focuses on the process of designing Vietnamese diacritics. The objective of this practice-based research is to establish an analytical framework for typographers, type designers, and designers to use as a reference. The project will delve into the historical context of the Vietnamese writing system and explore the intricacies of Vietnamese diacritics, including their proper positioning. Additionally, it will demonstrate practical implementation by creating two distinct fonts: Mighty Mono, a geometric monospaced font, and Untitled Display, a reverse-contrast display font. These fonts serve as applications of the design system derived from the research findings.

2014 – 2017
RMIT University
Bachelor of Design (Digital Media)
Melbourne, AUS & Saigon, VN